St John’s Melchbourne to Riseley shop

3.1miles roughly 1hour 10mins

A varied walk through the woods in Melchbourne and up the gentle incline as you head back towards Riseley over the fields. There is usually some interesting wildlife in the pond between Woodleys and Worley Wood so try to approach as quietly as possible.

After you’ve passed Worley’s Wood you’ll walk a short distance along the hedge then pass through the hedge on the left over a bridge across the ditch then head across the field. The path is usually clear to see across the field.

Click on the map to open the Ordnance Survey version.

From the Riseley shop to the St John’s pub in Melchbourne

2.8 miles taking about 59mins

This is one on my favourite walks taking in open fields and woodland with a very pleasant finish at the St John’s pub. Do check the opening times when you are planning a walk – it’s not good to arrive thirsty and hungry at a closed pub.

Walking across the field between gliding club and Coppice Wood can be rather muddy so be prepared. There is a lovely view as you pass Melchbourne House and look across at the ponds and the stately home. There are a couple of stiles on this route. One is hard to spot due to an overgrown hedgerow on the left just after you’ve crossed the wooden bridge out of the Riseley Church field.

I have posted separately a different return route back to Riseley.

Click on the map to open the Ordnance Survey version.