Riseley historical walk

Here are gathered pictures of Riseley drawn, with permission, from the two excellent books “Riseley – Our Village” and “Riseley – Our Village in Pictures” produced by the Riseley Historical Society.

The pictures are presented as a walk down and around the High Street.

This is work in progress.

We’ll start in the centre of the village, standing by the church.

Looking across to Keysoe Hill from beside the church there is the site of the old windmill. The photo below was taken around the turn of the century, harvest time. The windmill ceased working in 1916.

There is a footpath down from the church, across the field, to the High Street.

If you head downhill and across the bridge over the brook you come to a path between 77 and 79 High Street. When you reach the High Street Mulberry and Cobblers Cottages, numbers 94 and 92, are opposite.

The Scout Parade may not be passing as you look across the road, and you will notice that the cottage on the left has been demolished making the space for the green.

As you look down to the left, you can see the shop and the Keysoe Road turning.

Up Keysoe Road the Baptist Chapel used to stand on the right. You can see, beyond the green, there are some tombstones that were part of the chapel grounds.

The trip around Riseley now will divide. You can turn left or right down the High Street.